Revegetation and Turfing

Straw mulching and hydro mulching are effective methods for establishing lawn grass and large area revegetation.


Hydro Mulching

This one step method incorporates spreading of seed fertilizer Cellulose Fibre Mulch (recycled paper mulch), Turf Green Dye and Envirotack in one efficient application. All materials are mixed in the Hydro Grassing Tank and then sprayed as a slurry over areas to be revegetated. This is a highly effective way of establishing new lawns in residential environments.


Straw Mulching

This is a more effective method for large scale revegetation creating a thicker mat than hydro mulching with far greater moisture retention ability.

Areas to be revegetated are seeded and fertilized at recommended rates then a mat of straw mulch is applied using our Power Mulcher. Weed free straw bales are fed through the mulcher and blown at high velocity over areas to be covered.

The operating range is between 20 to 30 metres and up to 50 metres with remote hoses. The straw mulch is then tacked down using Envirotack and optional dye or bitumen emulsion for steeper slopes.


Erosion Control and Dust Suppression

Hydro mulch or straw mulch may be applied to areas with loose and dispersible soils that are prone to erosion. These can be applied as either a short or long term control method.

Envirotack may also be applied directly on to soil and stockpile surfaces as a control against erosion and dust suppression for short term periods.



Envirotack tackifier is a cost effective Guar based polymer binder mixed with water. It is biodegradable over time and may be used in the most sensitive environments.


Benefits of Using Mulch

Through the use of mulch you will gain immediated erosion control, dust suppression and most importantly create an ideal environment for seed germination and moisture retention.


Where Can I Apply Hydro Mulch?

This method may be applied in most situations and sites requiring cost effective and efficient revegetation from the home to large commercial developments.


How Do I Apply Hydro Mulch?

Contact us for an obligation free quote andvise on the best methods to establish new lawn or revegetate small or large areas.


When Can I Apply Hydro Mulch?

Hydro mulching and straw mulching may be applied at most times of the year taking into consideration climatic conditions and seasonal environments.



The success of you hydro mulch lawn or revegetation will depend on the ability to water frequently and subsequently mow and fertilise as per recommended schedule. Hydro mulch lawn or revegetation areas will respond quickly with the more water available. Watering your new Hydra Grass frequently will ensure a better seed germination rate. Larger areas where frequent watering may not be available will germinate up to three or four months after sowing provided there is some natural rainfall.